Saturday, May 9, 2020

DJ Bazooka Joe Presents (PODCAST) EP#28 - Crew Love: Dumbtron (Paten Locke, Willie Evans Jr & Friends)

I remember 1st hearing the name Dumbtron on a Mr. Lif song and just saying ‘wow…what a great name’….With roots in North Florida & Atlanta this duo features super producers, MC’s & DJ’s Paten Locke aka DJ Therapy (RIP) & Willie Evans Jr. who got started in the group Asamov along with Ja-One-Da & Basic, then eventually came together as a duo called Dumbtron. Some people are reading this saying “Who?”, while others are reading this saying “Hell Yes!!”…The 2000’s were different times for hip hop it’s not considered an “era” or anything close to the decade that preceded it but these guys held it down for the golden era… so many classic hip hop references in this mix from the re-flipped samples and choice cuts for hooks along with the subtle references to classic material applied in the most discrete ways…I also did some acapella blend remixes from a few OG’s in the middle for good measure.

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