Monday, May 11, 2020

Langston Hughes III - While Under Quarantine

Hip-Hop renaissance men, Langston Hughes III is excited to announce the release of a new single from their While Under Quarantine series. The first single by the same name will be released on May 15, 2020, and will be a part of a 4 song offering along with visuals. The release date of the full offering is TBA.
According to Chawle Dawk The Superstar, “The initial thought was, stuck at home; the perfect time to work on music. The seed was born and once the first single was completed, the concept for the series was born and it will cover pre, present, and post-pandemic America through an almost Sci-fi presentation. The visual for While Under Quarantine, directed by Daniel Green, gives a post-apocalyptic mind trip covering the travels of the first group of people to emerge after the quarantine has been lifted.”
The gift and the curse; the virus and the cure; the black and the white; Langston Hughes III, is offering a view from each aspect, metaphorically speaking their Adult Contemporary Head Nod Music is those things to the hip-hop scenery. You will not be bored or regret your decision to tune in. Now that’s Langston

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