Monday, May 11, 2020

Revalation (of EMS) - Hunting Season Freestyle (LIVE Version)

#HuntinSeasonChallenge Performing my Hunting Season verse (Live) Listen to Recorded Version - Lyrics: It's hunting season, so you know that the gun's tucked// I got them bullets that you can't see, like Duck Hunt// The gun jump, when I fire shots at young chumps// So if you want war you'll get it all like a lump sum// Yup, It's like the spirit of Pun back// If you were a missing, people wouldn't care if you come back// Shout out to Jada, this a major look// I'm tryina leave no doubters, even haters shook// I want Money, Power, Respect so I'm hitting Da block (D-Block)// But I ain't tryina cop a key, see I'm picking the locks (lox)// Say I got better with time// How's that when my whole fuckin life is my prime// I'm nice with these rhymes, careful when reciting these lines// Call the coroner, you just put your life on the line// Yea son, cuz I don't fuck with the ops// Even cutting corners, you'll still get put in a box// Chorus: It's Hunting Season, It's Hunting season// All these fake rappers out, give me a fucking reason// Repeat (3x)

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