Sunday, May 10, 2020

The Primeridian - Drop the Needle

Produced by Tye Hill of The Produktionix and directed by Thaione Davis for Just Another Canvas. Video for single from the "MixP3", Da CrackaDawn mixed by CosmRocks of The Hip Hop Project(WLUW) which features all new music by The Primeridian. It also features performances by BuffOnder(Jamal Buford), Prob Cause, Decay(Molemen), Add-2, Twilite Tone, Rashid Hadee, MCADAD, Pugs Atomz, Ran Mega, Black Spade, Mike Flo and many others, plus production by Tall Black Guy, Rashid Hadee, Produktionix, Jay Vega, Twilite Tone, Simeon(of the Primeridian) and others. All brought to you by The Hip-Hop Project, Ruby Hornet and All Natural Inc. “Mix P3”available here: IG: @racetacula @eddiedorchester7 @therealtyehill @thaionedavis Twitter: @primerdian @racetac @therealtyehill @thaionedavis

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