Saturday, May 9, 2020

Zagnif Nori - The Gemstone Series: "Rubies"

"The Gemstone Series" is a series of EPs containing 5 songs each that put Zagnif rhyming over outside production and sometimes alongside other incredible MCs outside of Noble Scity. Normally, Zagnif is tight-knit family oriented, but with this series we get to see Zagnif branch beyond the Noble Scity family and make other connections. With the fifth installment in the series titled "Rubies", Zagnif begins to drop some jewels. The title track "Ruby" finds Zagnif dropping jewels showing "every man's responsible for his way on his course." Next "Zenith" details the urge to man up and "handle your biz" over Castle Money Beats production. Hi-Speed Network sees a third collaboration, this time with Oak Lonetree as Oak and Zagnif crush egos and enjoy their peace over Noble Scity general Haleem's production. P.Genz slides through on a collaboration of "Rap Scholars" as they each effortlessly slide through with perfected flows and lyrics over this BesKept instrumental. Finally, Tone Spliff provides the backdrop for "Numbers Game" asking "what price is your bidding?" Enjoy the fifth installment, check the previous if you haven't, and look forward to the next EPs in the series!


released May 8, 2020

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