Sunday, June 21, 2020

4OURFATHERS - All Seasons [ Spring ]

A full revolution ; A Start to an End ; An eternity, just a moment. The 4OURFATHERS decided to partake in a massive undertaking of releasing an Album for every season ; within the season. A word from our sponsors ; never attempt this feat, it was a brutal and wondrous event.

Instead of a classic primordial write up ; I want to give some details as to the process in which was cultured.

Within this 10 month period ; MOD had sent me over 100 pieces of production ; madness. Everything was produced on the PO-33, which at the beginning of these projects was a new machine to him. But in the true fashion of a HIP-HOP legend ; he did not falter. We recorded well over 50 songs for the album but in the end only 38 made the cut. All 4 projects were recorded / arranged / mixed and mastered in a 10 month period. We wanted to portray each Season with a Mood specific to that moment.

Spring is no different ; although a Season of Rebirth, it has been terribly dark and macabre. I think it is depicted fully in this project, and is also the most complete of all the albums.

We would like to thank everyone for coming on this journey with us ; It is truly appreciated. We as the 4OURFATHERS have much more in the future for everyone ; but we need to take a break for a minute. But it wont be another 10 years before our next project.

Much Love

MENES the Pharaoh & M.O.D aka The 4OURFATHERS


released June 20, 2020

MENES the Pharaoh [ Emcee ]
M.O.D [ Producer ]
Mars Gate [ Artwork ]

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