Thursday, June 11, 2020

B.A Badd - Dessalines Flow

“Feels like the whole country is on fire right now” Syracuse emcee BA Badd starts off
new drop. “Dessalines Flow” (Produced by Syer) is the culmination of Badd’s
experiences and emotions on systemic racism in America boiled down to just under
three minutes.
“I haven’t really done any long posts or comments on social media over the past few
weeks; this is how I chose to express what I am feeling. Me and my boy were at the
protest in Buffalo on Friday. Afterwards we were driving around playing beats and I
really put together that first verse while watching out the window. On Monday an SUV
drove through a line of cops, hitting two of them a few blocks from where I live. We had
Police on the rooftops firing rubber bullets into the streets. When I woke up, that last
verse wrote itself in minutes. I had to get this out right away.”


released June 10, 2020
Produced by Syer

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