Saturday, June 27, 2020

SLIK JACK - East​$​ide Wolf

Eastside Wolf is just Pure Flavor to sum it up in a few words ,
Beat after beat Producer ' Sqreeb ' makes you travel from A to Z effortlessly .Slik Jack and Sqreeb put together a perfect picture .

Jack came swinging a little different this time around ,its the Same old Slik dont get me wronge but when you pay close attention to the lines youll hear more then just bars well flowed youll grasp alittle more depth wich is well needed in these times

after dicey buisness slik knew he had to come harder for the fans and i beleive him and his partner Sqreeb did just that 10/10


released June 26, 2020

Written & Performed by Slik Jack
Produced By Sqreeb ( UglyPitch Records )
Featuring - Vic Monroe , Thirstin Howl The 3rd , The Kid Daytona ,
Rico Blox , Don Streat , Pacewon

Mixed & Mastered at Uglypitch Records
Copyright 2020

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