Thursday, June 25, 2020

Sunnie Blac (EIMG) Ft. EzzyMoneyLayup - Losin Weight

RJ Payne is building a lyrical army with his Educated Ignorance Music Group (EIMG) label. One of the most talented artists on the roster is Sunnie Blac. Check out the official music video from Sunnie featuring EzzyMoneyLayup titled "Losin Weight" over the classic Cam'Ron instrumental. Shot by Stealth Da Shadow. Edited by Sunnie Blac Follow Sunnie Blac @sunnieblac Instagram: Follow RJ Payne @IAmRJPayne Instagram: Twitter: Follow Pa. Dre @pa_dre_beats_of_the_pronoun Instagram: Twitter: Follow Stealth Da Shadow @stealth_da_shadow Instagram: #SunnieBlac #RJPayne #EIMG

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