Monday, June 21, 2021

Dot-Com Intelligence - Suit and Fez

Dot-Com Intelligence from Waldorf, Maryland brings a first taste of the upcoming album "Purpose" with the track "Suit and Fez".



WISERAP shows the visual "LAW OF THE LAND" with POWERLORD. Produced by E-Ratic Beats from the "Hoodz Government" album.


BeermoneyUnltd presents Shinobi Stalin, Wordchemist, Marzmello, Dj Stanger - Agents of IPA (Undercover Etd)

BeermoneyUnltd from Orlando, Florida present Shinobi Stalin and Wordchemist together with Marzmello and Dj Stanger in the track "Agents of IPA (Undercover Etd)".


Gino vs Ese-O - Lo que tengo

Gino vs Ese-O show the visual "Lo que tengo".


Nonchalantly Zay - The Voices Ft Meph Luciano

Nonchalantly Zay from Boston, Massachusetts and Meph Luciano from Dallas, Texas team up to bring the j Brav produced track "The Voices".


Brixkz & Dae'Lah - "Once in Awhile"

Brixkz and Dae'Lah bring together the visual "Once in Awhile".


Real Talk Records - Love The World E​.​P

Real Talk Records release the "Love The World" EP.


Maj Trafyk - Étoiles filantes [Prod. Kyo Itachi]

Maj Trafyk shows the visual to the Kyo Itachi produced track "Étoiles filantes" from the album "Advienne que pera".


SmokeBreak - Sensuous Music For Those Special Moments

Cutthroat Productions from Omaha, Nebraska present the SmokeBreak album "Sensuous Music For Those Special Moments".


BVNGS & LordMobb - Time Slow

"Time Slow" the new visual from BVNGS and LordMobb from the "Laquisha" album is out.  


Broken Tooth Entertainment from Melbourne, Australia drops an outstanding CIECMIX remix of PRODIGY's "KEEP IT THORO".


Crate Baptist presents - Berserkers (ft. Shyste, Calig Kontra , Words & DJ Madhandz) (prod. by Promotheus)

Crate Baptist presents the Promotheus produced track "Berserkers" featuring Shyste, Calig Kontra, Words and DJ Madhandz.


JFliz - Our Father (Produced by Fakts One)

JFliz brings the Fakts One produced track "Our Father".


Break North Radio - Episode 210 - June 19/21

Break North Radio brings episode 210 of their show. Recorded on June 19/21.


TRIP B and Johnny ConCepTz - "Stick Up" (prod. by Lingo)

TRIP B and Johnny ConCepTz have been busy cooking up a project called "Super Bario Bros" for y'all during the filming of "Behind the Grind". 5 of the 7 tracks are produced in-house by Lingo, and the entire project was mixed and mastered by Lingo.


Bad Habbits - Let's Go feat. Young Zee

First single from the upcoming Bad Habbits album "Torch" feat Young Zee from the Outsidaz.


Snak The Ripper - Ashes

Snak The Ripper shows the visual to the C-Lance produced track "Ashes".


Brotha Newz & Rummy - .blackseed!

Brotha Newz and Rummy bring together the ".blackseed!" projekct.


Ruste Juxx & DJ Views "Reign Supreme"

Ruste Juxx and DJ Views show the visual to the banger "Reign Supreme".


Ill Advanced - Hard To Choose Ft. Maolikk

Ill Advanced from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania brings you the 9th Wonder produced track "Hard To Choose" featuring Maolikk from Rapsody's "Beauty and the Beast" album.


Emad Saad - QB LOOT (feat. Solomon Childs, QB Rap P, Beretta 9) Prod. by Methodmaticz

Emad Saad features the Methodmaticz produced track "QB LOOT" featuring Solomon Childs, QB Rap P and Beretta 9.


I.N.F & Elz Sinatra - What Doesn't Kill Us

I.N.F and Elz Sinatra drop the "What Doesn't Kill Us" ep.


Rockwelz - "Blue Notes"

From the album "Blue Chips" Rockwelz shows the visual to the Gutta Brown produced track "Blue Notes".


L.I.F.E. Long & FATCATHAYZE 156 - Urban Sportsman E​.​P.

Culture Power45 from Chicago, Illinois presents L.I.F.E. Long and FATCATHAYZE 156 with the "Urban Sportsman" E.P..


Nite Owl - Less Is More

Nite Owl shows the visual to the banger "Less Is More".