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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Ron "Bee-Stinger" Savage & The Hip Hop Movement

Hip Hop pioneer Ronald “Bee-Stinger” Savage shares jewels and gems on the history of The Hip Hop Movement. “As the son of the movement, I firmly believe The Hip Hop Movement resides as law and order of Hip Hop.”

“Bee-Stinger, better known as “The Son of The Hip Hop Movement” (given to him by the legendary Busy Bee) was part of the younger generation in crowds in awe of the founding forefathers of Hip Hop. He recalls Busy Bee enlightening his mind, “you are all sons and daughters of Hip Hop culture.”

Here is some history that often is not noted in Hip Hop culture. DJ’s like Grandmaster Flowers and Pete DJ Jones were one of the first DJ’s in the clubs that people knew of who were spinning disco, then Hank Span from WWRL came along showing off his wordplay live on the radio. This inspired DJ’s to add hype on the mic like DJ Hollywood at Studio 54 & The Garage. Disco King Mario of the Black Spades (first division) from Bronxdale projects, created one of the early venues to play Hip Hop at P.S. 123 in the Bronx and was DJing outside in the parks. He is also credited as DJ to Chief Rocker Busy Bee (1st solo emcee to rap on the mic in the realm of Hip Hop). The Hip Hop Movement also recognizes the true first ladies of Hip-Hop including Sha Rock, Lisa Lee, and Debbie Dee. In 1982 Melle Mel changed the game in Hip Hop with his recording of the song "The Message" which became an instant classic and one of the first glimmers of conscious Hip Hop.  During the golden age of rap in the 90’s Public Enemy blasted on the scene and gave the Hip Hop Movement the legs to stand on…

In 1990, also while working with the rap group Snap!, Ronald "Bee-Stinger" Savage a former member of the Zulu Nation is credited for carving the term "Six Elements of the Hip Hop Movement" as inspired by Public Enemy's recordings. The "Six Elements of The Hip Hop Movement" are Consciousness Awareness, Civil Rights Awareness, Activism Awareness, Justice, Political Awareness, and Community Awareness in music…

Ronald “Bee-Stinger” Savage went on to develop The Hip Hop Movement’s foundation in late 2016. His efforts were not unnoticed, in fact, the movement and brand became a major staple in Hip Hop culture as well as a registered service mark. The movement connects R&B, Civil Rights Movement, and Hip Hop culture into one brand, “Hip is the culture and Hop is the movement.”

Today, The Hip Hop Movement is the backbone of Hip Hop as it addresses persistent societal issues. Its mission is to provide a platform for emcees to share their conscious music that exudes substance and positive messages for our youth and communities, messages that strive for encouragement and empowerment. “Artists and Hip Hop enthusiasts head over to The Hip Hop Movement’s streaming channel on ROKU TV and submit your music now.”

Connect with Ron “Bee-Stinger” Savage

Hon. Ronald Savage, Former Member of the New York State Democratic Committee & a Civil Rights Advocate, Owner of the Hip Hop Movement

Owner of the Hip Hop Movement Servicemark
Hip Hop Movement (R)

Hip Hop Movement Steaming Channel on ROKU TV

Hip is the Culture Hop is the Movement

Lateb & Oblivious ft. M-Dot - Up Up and Away

Mass duo W.O.K.E. (Lateb & Oblivious) team up with Boston rhyme vet M-Dot for the long awaited music video to their high energy single "Up Up and Away" produced by Jon Glass (Joyner Lucas, Hopsin, Token, etc.) & IV the Polymath. The Summery visuals were shot between Massachusetts and Miami, FL by Red Bridge Productions and the single is extracted from their self-titled album "W.O.K.E." Out Now on all digital platforms.

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Dee Wile - Too Much Game (Album)

Dee Wile releases his new album entitled “Too Much Game”, currently at the top of several ‘ must have playlists’ essentials. The Tampa native is known for his humorous music style, straying away from the violence that plagues so much rap music. The independent, creative soul has self-released music since 2016. Between touring throughout the southeast and starting his own record label, February’s Finest Records, Dee Wile is always on his grind.

His new EP is racking up crazy streams as he looks to follow up the super successful ‘Play Cuzzins’ (a joint venture with Virginia Rapper/Producer Willy G) EP which still boasts impressive weekly numbers even over a year after its release. If you're looking for typical murder music and rappers committing felonies on records, this is likely not the project for you. But if you like good music, love to Party and Bullsh** you have the ideal soundtrack for it. Stream ‘2 Much Game’ and connect with Dee Wile below.


Clint Hoffa & Lycouz feat. Sicknature - "We’re Coming For Em"

Clint Hoffa & Lycouz feat. Sicknature
"We’re Coming For Em"

Clint Hoffa & Lycouz, an energetic urban act from south of Sweden. Started to rap together as teenagers and are now working thier way up on the underground scene.

The duo teamed up with Snowgoons own Sicknature for the new single "We're Coming For Em" from their upcoming album.

Video by: Sadik Salem
Produced by: BlackDiamondMusic
Mix & Master: OgenF

Stream "We‘re Coming For Em" on your favorite platform

DJ Anhonym - The Turntables Show #62

The Turntables Show #62 by DJ Anhonym
On-air mardi / Tuesday 8pm CET
1) AZ - found my niche
2) Gorilla twins - Pay homage
3) Sleep Sinatra & Ty Farris - En vivo
4) Styles P - I m the shit
5) Brainpower & PMR - the Universal funk
6) D-Cypha Ft Sean P, Rockness Monsta, Rustee Juxx & XL the beast - Venomous
7)Taiyamo Denku Ft Skyzoo, Nature & Brisk fingaz - Super hero
8)Real Badman Ft Inspectah death & Eto Guzman - my name gets underlined
9) Ghost of the machine & Dj Proof - Kepp sleeping homie
10) Haze & Cutz - Dope Pusher
11) Pete Rock & Camp Lo - Pot a butta
12) Vic Monroe - Soul Opera
13) Checkmait & Mark Deez - let's get high
14) Gee bag & Illinformed Ft Neek the exotic - Put me on
15) Illa Ghee - Ladder 99
16) Innocent? Ft Kool taj the Gr8 - G.M.R.
17) NDL Ft Toney Boy & Dj Bazarro - Buffalo wings
18) Spalt & Smoke the world - True story
19) Ndl Ft Dj TMB - Chikara

Dj Droppa - Keep it movin' 18

1. Intro (beat by Mr Moods)
2. WestsideDoom - Gorilla monsoon (Truenoys rmx)
3. Westside Gunn feat Conway the Machine & Benny the Butcher - Allah Sent Me
4. Robert Denir0 feat Estee Nack & IceLord - Knowledge
5. Judgement - Metroplex
6. Westside Gunn feat Conway the Machine & Benny the Butcher - George Bondo
7. Don Streat feat Tryf Bindope & Cayoz - Cloudy
8. Rasheed Chappell feat 38 Spesh & Jamal Gasol - Trust
9. Slik Jack - Armani Suit (feat. Rico Blox) (Remix)
10. The Fix - Brain Cell
11. Skans - The First Track (feat. Uncle Nick & Tah Murdoc)
12. Casual - When I Ain't Around
13. The Leonard Simpson Duo - Bricks
14. The Professionals - Superhumans
15. Stu Bangas feat Juga-Naut - Keeping Time
16. Jamo Gang - Francis Scott Key
17. Yung Dmize feat Lord Goat - Irish goodbye
18. DirtyDiggs feat Killa Kali and Rozewood - 2 burners
19. Da Buze Bruvaz & Giallo Point - Kangol Kru
20. Sean Doe the Sucio - Graph 101
21. Senica Da Misfit - God Bless Yah
22. Don Streat feat Recognize Ali, Mayhem & dj Grazzhoppa - 24 Hours
23. The Fix feat Cayoz & Ill Conscious - The lesson
24. Rawlsmatic feat Craig G - Role Reversal
25. MWP & Senica Da Misfit - Futuristic
26. Roccwell feat Revalation & B-Base - Sound Off
27. Jamo Gang feat DJ Premier - Highway
28. Protektahz feat Lords Of The Underground - Obey Da Codez
29. Weapon ESP feat Reckonize Real - Dystopia
30. Roccwell feat Rockwelz - Bringin' It Back
31. MWP & Senica Da Misfit feat Ill Conscious & DJ Grazzhoppa - Gran Turismo

Guerrilla Grooves Radio - 5-19-20: Born Unique, DNTE, Terror Van Poo

Guerrilla Grooves Radio hosted by Rhinoceros Funk (@rhinocerousfunk) & DJ Fred Ones (@fredonestme). The newest underground hip hop of the week and the dopest independent artist interviews live on EVERY TUESDAY 7-10pm EST.