Friday, May 26, 2023

Vice Beats drops studio album "Aspects"

UK producer Vice Beats has dropped his seminal new studio album today "Aspects”

Aspects is Bristol (UK) based producer Vice beats’ second full length vinyl release, the first being the only official UK based J Dilla tribute to date, entitled “Dilla: The Timeless Tribute”.

Having worked with the likes of Akil Tha MC, A-Plus (Souls Of Mischief), ASM, Nutty P, Audessey, Greg Blackman and many more, Vice beats explores the meaning of connection through Aspects; a concept album that weaves its way through emotions, views and countries, finding an array of unique voices along the way.

The album hosts a stellar cast of musicians, including the lead single “Connected” which features the legendary lyricist Blu (Exile, J Dilla, The Roots, Madlib and more) alongside the supreme MC skills of Napoleon Da Legend, and cuts from UK based scratch wizard JabbaThaKut.

Aspects was born into a pandemic, and created throughout covid; it is essentially a panegyric to the importance of interconnection, with Vice beats charting his own journey, from the wait for the birth of his son, Eben, to navigating the loss of connection through Covid restrictions. It took two years to complete. As the album launches into the universe it delves into the personal worlds of a host of talented live musicians and artists such as Pseudo Slang, Mac Lloyd, Tommy Evans and many more, we get to explore an emotional journey through time and space. As such, Aspects is a highly relatable album that needs to be truly heard.

Vice beats has garnered support from tastemakers around the world, including Gilles Peterson, DJ Premier, Chuck D, Craig Charles, Tom Robinson and more, in addition to playlist support from Spotify’s Jazz Rap, Mellow Beats and New Music Fridays selections, plus support from Adidas and Ministry Of Sound to name a few.

The album is set for release on the 26th May 2023 as a limited edition vinyl package from HHV Records alongside Bandcamp and all streaming platforms with beautifully crafted, detail oriented graphics from Japanese designer Nearski. There will be a multi-sensory launch party taking place at Lost Horizon, Bristol on the 24th May hosted by Monkey Shoulder and Hip Hop Coffee Shop Sessions. This album has been made possible in part by funding from Help Musicians and MOBO.

Aspects is out now-

Sunday, May 21, 2023

DJ RONSHA & G-ZON - Ronsha Mix #308 (New Hip-Hop Boom Bap Only)

DJ RONSHA & G-ZON - Ronsha Mix #BoomBapShow #308 [New Season]#BrandNew RONSHA MIX N°308 [New Season] #BoomBapShow supported by OneShotAce / Str8 Paper / Wisdm Uno (1773) / Dan Greenpeace / S-18 aka Bronze The 18th / Axel Holy / Yung Regis (Blicky Boyz) / Top Beamin / Snotty / Hanzo Bladez / DNTE / Asun Eastwood / Crafsmen / Van Gunz / Ruste Juxx / Krookid Hooks / The White Shadow Of Norway / Falcon Outlaw / Daniel Son (Brown Bag Money) / BryZone_ybp / Verbz / Iron Shirt / Street Da' Villan / Ty Healy / Pandamonium / Matlock / Da Flyy Hooligan / Pawz One / E-Fluent / Reckonize Real / B. Dvine / EllMatic / Blaq Poet / The AbSoulJah / MC Oliver Twist / Yahzeed Divine / Da Inphamus Amadeuz / Lord Goat aka Goretex (Non Phixion) / SageInfinite / Recognize Ali / Swab / Charlie Smarts & DJ Ill Digitz (Kooley High) / Sites / El Da Sensei (Artifacts) / Onyx / Sicknature / Planet Asia / 38 Spesh / Fazeonerok / Copywrite / Fortunato / Rhinoceros Funk / Mike Titan / The Dead Poetz Society / Amadeus360 / Termanology / Staxx410, and more...

1- DJ Gone Crazy "Ronsha Mix Boom Bap Show Intro"
2- EllMatic x JoDu "Go For Miles"
3- MC Oliver Twist x Djar One "Move Smooth" [Cuts by Djar One]
4- Ty Healy x Pandamonium "Kick A Rhyme"
5- Van Gunz "Golden Bars" (feat. Ruste Juxx & Minnix)
6- 1773 (Wisdm Uno & Jay Nagoma) x Terse "Shortcuts"
7- Conway The Machine x J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League "The Chosen" (feat. Jae Skeese)
8- Amadeus360 "Warfare" (feat. Buckshot, Termanology & DJ Evil Dee)
9- Ugly Tony "Into Things" (feat. The AbSoulJah)
10- Dan Greenpeace & Diamond D "Nowhere To Run To" [Cuts by Dan Greenpeace]
11- Onyx x Dom Dirtee "The Boom Boom Bap"
12- Gotham City Boys x Da Inphamus Amadeuz "Times Up"
13- Ill Bill x Stu Bangas "Once Upon A Time In Canarsie" (feat. Lord Goat)
14- Y.N.X. 716 x Slide Beatz "01 Messages In Money$"
15- Recognize Ali x Stu Bangas "Murder Was The Case" (feat. SageInfinite & Boob Bronx)
16- Sicknature "Lonely Den" (feat. Lateb)
17- Staxx410 x Jamil Honesty "Bordeaux 7's" (feat. P.U.R.E.)
18- Recognize Ali x Stu Bangas "Put You To Sleep" (feat. Swab)
19- Flee Lord x Crisis "Mr. Delgado"
20- Pawz One x FredEx "Still"
21- Fortunato x Sean One "End Of The Show"
22- Yung Regis, 2 Dolla Will & Jay Chat "Airbud"
23- Crafsmen x Van Gunz "Paint The Page"
24- Mike Titan x The Dead Poetz Society "The Proof" (feat. Mista Sinista)
25- Jay Ignite, Dead 44 & B. Dvine "Malevolence"
26- E-Fluent x Reckonize Real "Let's Shoot"
27- Charlie Smarts, DJ Ill Digitz & Klim Beats "Haters Anonymous"
28- Snotty x Hanzo Bladez "Slimey"
29- Falcon Outlaw, Daniel Son & Judex Beats "Hardest"
30- Krookid Hooks, Status The Marlboro Man & The White Shadow Of Norway "Three Midgets In A Trenchcoat" (feat. Young Zee)
31- Titan Funk (Rhinoceros Funk & Mike Titan) x The Dead Poetz Society "Fade Away"
32- Sites, Kurt Scott & Jungle52 "Our Time" (feat. El Da Sensei & JabbaThaKut)
33- Axel Holy x Badhabitz "Runnin"
34- BryZone_ybp "Stuck" (feat. Verbz)
35- Str8 Paper x Gennessee Lewis "All In The Eyez" [Cuts by DJ Exes]
36- Paranormal "Malachi" (feat. Yahzeed Divine)
37- Da Flyy Hooligan x Kuartz "Yung Hooligans" (feat. Essa)
38- Planet Asia x 38 Spesh "Crumble Cake"
39- DJ R Dub L "Deathwish" (feat. RePete23, Blaq Poet, Sayzee, Pacewon, Ruste Juxx, Young Humpty Of Digital Underground & Burrowz)
40- Copywrite x DJ Mighty Mi "Jeah 2" [Cuts by Swab]
41- OneShotAce x Spyooda "Mixed Fumes" (feat. Benny The Butcher)
42- Trust One "Ascension" (feat. Matlock)
43- DNTE x SibbsRoc "The Bag Or The Bullet" (feat. Asun Eastwood)
44- Iron Shirt & Street Da' Villan "Icicle Boobie Trap"
45- Top Beamin x Milkshake Godfather "Treacherous"
46- S-18 aka Bronze The 18th x Maestro Z "Fugazy (I Hate Fake Niggaz)"
47- Fazeonerok x Nar "Dirty Razor"

NEW HipHop MIX SHOW : DJ LartistOntheMix aka LOTMIX on LOTMIX SHOW S4 EP37


by Dj LartistOnTheMix aka LOTMIX & Mixtape Addict 








1- SHAME GANG feat SKYZOO x KAS DA GOD - Hyperventilating
2- ABYSS feat RUSTE JUXX - Savage Symphony (Prod APPLIED DYNAMICS x Cuts DJ SLIPWAX)
3- STR8 PAPER - Silk Equestrianz
4- DIRTY DIGGS feat PLANET ASIA - What Is Life Without Perception
5- GREA8GAWD - 12 12s (Prod WHIP BEATS)
7- COPYWRITE - Jeah 2 (Prod DJ MIGHTY x Cuts DJ SWAB)
8- DARKSIDE PREME - Kings Will Be Kings (Prod F-BOOM)
9- JFLIZ x CHUCK CHAN - Lethal Pen
10- MIC BLES x LEVEL13 feat STEVEI VALENS x DJ ROMES - Another Classic [Remix]
11- JUS DAZE - The Real
12- JOEY MAJORS x BIG YOUNT feat HAVOC - On The Wood [Remix]
13- RUFUS SIMS - Dangerous (Prod IDKW BEATZ)
14- M-DOT - Pain and Haste (Prod PRO KNOWS MUSIC)
15- AMADEUS360 feat M.O.P. x RAS KASS - How The Block Sound
16- BLVD - Mic Murda (Prod DJMIKEC)
17- KAMAKAZE - Domino
18- JUS DAZE - Go Time
19- JUS DAZE feat MONEY BAGZ - S.O.N.Y. (Still Old New York) (JNP REMIX)


 Episodes Available here :

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Sharoyce aka Da Woat Releases "WOAT Inferno" Ft. A-F-R-O With Interview


Indie Hip Hop artist & Richmond, Indiana native Sharoyce releases his new single "WOAT Inferno." The record, out now on all platforms features and is produced by A-F-R-O.  A compelling backdrop looped with cuts and scratches heightens Sharoyce's lyrical performance. His high-impact energy embodies his drive to claim a name for himself in the industry. The vibe is one that old and new schools of Hip Hop can embrace while the hook echoes. 

Sharoyce aka Da Woat, chops it below about the single, linking with A-F-R-O, the Hip Hop scene in Indiana, what's coming next, and more. 

MJ: Before we jump right into your brand-new hit single "WOAT Inferno" introduce yourself to those who might not be familiar (shame on them).

Sharoyce: Tis all good. I'm still a baby out here. I'm Sharoyce a.k.a Da WOAT (acronym for "Wackest of All Time"). I’m trying to peddle my garbage to the masses one track at a time.

MJ: You are based out of Richmond, Indiana. Tell us about the Hip Hop scene there, I know each coast or city has its own flow and mantra.

Sharoyce: Richmond is a small community with roughly about 34,000 people in it. Everyone kind of knows everyone, so the communal rhythm is like that of the Heaven's Gate cult. I like the fact that the cost of living is so cheap, but the Hip Hop scene is non-existent.

MJ: You're not an up-and-coming artist, you are seasoned. Talk about that progression in your career.

Sharoyce: It's been pretty much a trial by error journey since I started jotting lines back in 2003. I bought a little Pro Tools set up back in 2009, where I cut my teeth on the ins-and-outs of the DAW. In 2012, I started to book sessions at professional studios. It took me some time, but I gradually learned how to construct a record over the years, but I'm still garbage.

MJ: Let's get down to the new single. Take us through the process from idea to creation to production to final canvas.

Sharoyce: I'd been listening to A-F-R-O since I caught wind of him back in 2014. The fact that one of the best rappers to ever grace the mic took him under his wing instantly sold me on the young guy. Over the years, I'd been reaching out to some of my favorite MCs for features and I decided to hit him up on IG. He showed love on the production (w/scratches) and he even laid a verse down for me. I swiftly laid my mumble rap down and sent the session files over to my engineer. 

MJ: Some Hip Hop legends coin A-F-R-O as an indie G.O.A.T, do you concur?

Sharoyce: For a legend, he's humble. All's I had to do was reach out to him on social media. I gave him his flowers and we proceeded to get the work done. He sent me back the verse in less than a few hours. 

MJ: What are your expectations for the single, and what can fans expect?

Sharoyce: I just want the fans to know that even a low-tier amateur such as myself isn't afraid to step on the track with the greatest. I expect to be crowned the worst to do it after they hear this one.

MJ: Is the single taken from a released project or one that is forthcoming? Will there be an upcoming video for the single?

Sharoyce: I have no plans of releasing an album anytime soon. A video isn't totally out of the question, but for now there are no plans for that either.

MJ: Where can fans and audiences catch you this summer? Are any performances or events, or collaborations in the works?

Sharoyce: They'll be able to catch me at open mics and events within the area. I have upcoming collabs with Big Rube (Dungeon Family/Society of Soul), Mark Battles, T-Rell (Empire), Honey-B-Sweet, Sadzilla, Rx The Rapper and many others. I'd like to work with Elzhi and Kool Keith as well, so I'm working on lining those two up too.

MJ: Before we wrap up, can you share three essential gems you live by to ensure your success continues to move forward?

Sharoyce:  Never be quick to modify your art due to criticism, drink lots of water, and don’t fall behind on child support because they’re locking n*ggas up for that.

MJ: Is there anything else you want to share with the world?

Sharoyce: Sharoyce is WOAT. You Betta know it, family. I'll be dropping new music on Bandcamp soon and you can be on the Lookout for Ghostface Monkeypaw w/ me and Copywrite, as well as RhymeTyme Freestyle w/ Houston's Viper The Rapper.

Stream “WOAT Inferno” on Bandcamp and preferred platforms

WOAT INFERNO (feat A-F-R-O) | Sharoyce Antwan (


Connect with Sharoyce DA WOAT below


Friday, May 19, 2023

Kool Keith drops his next single 'Space Mountain' from Black Elvis 2

Kool Keith drops new single 'Space Mountain' ahead of new album 'Black Elvis 2' dropping 16th June

“I Never Been to Space Mountain"

Well...we have, but Keith hasn’t - so presenting his epic new single in line with the album announce, “Space Mountain”.

In true Kool Keith style offering offering the weird, wonderful, and extremely alternative form of Hiphop from his own unique multi-verse.

Kool Keith- Black Elvis 2

Get ready for a mind-bending trip through the Hiphop cosmos with the one and only Kool Keith. 

Black Elvis is back with his long awaited sequel.

Kool Keith takes his information-age rhymes to a whole new level, with a sound that's equal parts streets and space. Featuring collaborations with Marc Live, Raaddrr Van, Dynamite, Agallah, and the legendary Ice-T, this album will leave you reeling.

Plug in your ethernet and dial up to travel through Kool Keith’s multi-verse. 

Space Mountain is out now- 

Black Elvis 2 drops Friday 16th June 

For more infomation on Kool Keith:


Presenting brand new studio album 'In and of Itself' by Moka Only, out today!

Alongside the release is new signature single ‘Restart’ which opens the project.

Moka Only- In and of Itself

Daniel Denton, better known by his stage name Moka Only, is a rapper, producer, and singer, based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Originally from Langford, BC, Moka Only's career spans almost 30 years, including five years as part of the Canadian rap group Swollen Members, and a primarily solo career from 2005 onwards. He has released over 50 solo records, including his most recent double album "Summer 2002", which was released in 2022.

Moka Only’s music is eclectic and draws inspiration from a variety of genres including hip-hop, jazz, and soul. He is known for his smooth, laid-back flow, and witty, introspective lyrics. His music often embodies themes of love, relationships, and personal growth. He has collaborated with many notable artists such as J Dilla, MF Doom, Kool Keith and Del The Funky Homosapien, amongst others.

He has been recognized for his contributions to the Canadian music scene, receiving multiple music awards and nominations. In addition to his music career, Moka Only is also an accomplished visual artist with a dedicated following. His artwork appears on the cover artwork for his upcoming 2023 release, "In and of Itself".

Moka Only is set to release his upcoming full length album titled “In and of Itself” via URBNET on May 19, 2023. The seventeen track self-produced project was recorded in the spring of 2021 in Moka Only's home studio in Vancouver, BC, and features both vocal and instrumental compositions.

In and of Itself is out now- 

For more information on Moka Only please goto: 


Sensational x The Dirty Sample - The Game (video)


“There’s something going on…” Legendary Brooklyn MC Sensational breaks down how to play the game and achieve longevity on the latest single from his new album, The Spot Rocker, a collaboration with Calgary veteran producer The Dirty Sample, who provides a quirky, throwback boom bap beat dominated by violin and stuttering drums. The lo-fi, self-produced video features a few of Sensational’s many loves: filmed in his newly acquired home studio with big bills on the walls, the video opens with his cat and features him smoking a joint while rapping. Neither flashy nor gimmicky, the bare bones video is exactly what one would expect from this uncompromising artist.

Written and performed by Sensational

Produced by The Dirty Sample

Video by Sensational

Fortunato & Sean One - It's You (video)


Fortunato & Sean One continue the uplifting positivity on “It’s You”, the second single from their upcoming album, Blue Collar 2. Sean One combines a thick drum track with synth bass and keys for a chill boom bap backdrop on which Fortunato presents his philosophical life lessons. Overflowing with inspirational musings that include “be satisfied with what you got, enjoy the life that you live”, “life is precious, so defend it”, and “Only one like you, so breathe and be true”, a callback to their previous single, the central message of “It’s You” is that the one who controls your fate and can change the world is you. When you’re feeling down, this is the song that will lift you back up.

Written and performed by Fortunato

Produced by Sean One

Video by Creative Imbalance

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Lane Shuler steps up once again, this time with boom-bap infused new single 'Mathematics' ft. Micheal Deon.

 Following an epic few months including collaborations with Rob Sonic, DJ Sol Messiah, and extensive media attention for his critically acclaimed previous release ‘Jehovah’, Hiphop artist Lane Shuler is returning once again.

Alongside playing major festivals such as Big Ears Music Festival with Billy Woods and Tank and The Bangas, as well as NACA Spokane, he's also been hard at work finalising upcoming releases at The Hideaway in Minneapolis alongside legendary producer Joe Mabbott.

Now, Lane is kicking off his latest phase of releases with the song Mathematics, featuring Good Guy Collective MC Michael Deon. The song is a nod to classic boom bap style, a departure from Shuler's more progressive sound of his previous records, and features a driving sample from Johnny Mathis's 1957 song "It's Not For Me To Say”.

Mathematics is out now-

Sunday, May 14, 2023

DJ RONSHA & G-ZON - Ronsha Mix #307 (New Hip-Hop Boom Bap Only)

DJ RONSHA & G-ZON - Ronsha Mix #BoomBapShow #307 [New Season]#BrandNew RONSHA MIX N°307 [New Season] #BoomBapShow supported by Staxx410 / Jamil Honesty / Ill Conscious / Planetary (Outerspace) / DJ TMB / Joe Sig / IM'PERETIV / Charlie Smarts (Kooley High) / Amadeus360 / Driz Lo / Clever 1 (Da Buze Bruvaz) / All Hail Y.T. / Squeegie O / Eff Yoo / DJ Jon Doe / Street Da' Villan / Piff Penny / Recognize Ali / Tone Spliff / Mike Titan / Innocent? / Napoleon Da Legend / Bugsy H. / Konflik / El Da Sensei (Artifacts) / Edo. G / Nowaah The Flood / Spoda / JFliz / Chuck Chan / Jizzm High Definition / Navi The North / Mickey Diamond / 38 Spesh / Ruste Juxx / Mickey Diamond / Big Dese & Oak Lonetree (The Dunnas), and more...

1- Masta Ben "Ronsha Mix Boom Bap Show Intro"
2- Mickey Diamond x Oh Jay "Orenthal James"
3- Ill Bill x JS-1 "This Is Anger" (feat. DJ JS-1)
4- Planetary x ELEMXNT "One Two" (feat. ELEMXNT)
5- Mike Titan x Silent Someone "Church"
6- Nowaah The Flood x Machacha "Bare Essentials"
7- Wounded Buffalo Beats "Black Timbs On" (feat. Ruste Juxx, Rockness Monsta & JabbaThaKut)
8- Praxeye "Merry Christmas" (feat. Joesnapped & Myles Hood)
9- Mickey Diamond x Oh Jay "Roman Candles"
10- Konflik "Shine (NasteeLuvzYou Remix)" (feat. El Da Sensei & Edo. G)
11- All Hail Y.T. x Observe Since '98 "Ill Gotten Gains" (feat. LADYY)
12- Recognize Ali x Stu Bangas "Get Folded" (feat. Tone Spliff)
13- Squeegie O x Killa Mac "Closing Credits"
14- Bugsy H. x DJ Kesti "810 North Linden Drive"
15- Driz Lo "Meeting Of The Minds (Elevated Minds)" (feat. Clever 1, Chip Raw, Choc Belafonte, 20 Grand, Classic, Him Lo & Jules Risky)
16- Recognize Ali x Stu Bangas "Eat What You Kill"
17- Amadeus360 "Pop Off" (feat. Craig G)
18- Domo Genesis x The Alchemist "The Feeling"
19- HWY 308 x Finn "Meal Ticket"
20- Charlie Smarts, DJ Ill Digitz & Kash "Relativity" (feat. Nolan)
21- Staxx410 x Jamil Honesty "Joe Clair"
22- Ill Bill x BodyBagBen "Omega Therion"
23- Heem x Marc Spano "The Motto"
24- JFliz x Chuck Chan "Space Dust"
25- Napoleon Da Legend x D-Styles "Blaktual News" (feat. Innocent? & Josiah The Gift)
26- Staxx410 x Jamil Honesty "Jewels From Kings" (feat. Jamil Honesty & Ill Conscious)
27- The Dunnas (Big Dese & Oak Lonetree) x Loman "Ketchup Stains"
28- Planetary x ELEMXNT "Vainglory" (feat. ELEMXNT, Trxstworthy, Kxng Charisma & DJ TMB)
29- Jizzm High Definition x Navi The North "On My Own High" (feat. Okie Doke)
30- Joe Sig x IM'PERETIV "Diamonds In The Sky" (feat. Chayna Ashley)
31- Spoda x Halal Seeds "Bloodclot Crying"
32- Lloyd Banks x Haas Almxhdi "Red Alert" (feat. 38 Spesh & Tony Yayo)
33- Kheyzine "Muay Thai" (feat. Reek Osama)
34- Eff Yoo x Level13 "Scary Stories" [Cuts by DJ Jon Doe]
35- La Vilerie "All Our Turf" (feat. Lunatic)
36- Driz Lo "Crisis" (feat. Clever 1)
37- Street Da' Villan x Beat It Up Productions "Take Me Away"
38- Piff Penny x Adwerdz "Problem"