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Monday, March 2, 2020

Paris - Barbès 18ème Trip & Event

we are back from Paris - Barbès 18ème . A dope session in the Echomusee - Goutte d'Or with RONSHA de LA MEUTE & G-Zon Delameute and La Reziztance  , among other things were also Djanhonym Turntable Bros Djanhonym , Astro Vandalist and Boogz Dav'z guest. the event was given by Amadi, mes toiles. a really good artist from paris and the legendery Scred Connexion . an interview with many of his works will be available soon...

When i arrived in paris at noon G-Zon Delameute welcomed me immediately. we went together to the SCRED Boutique to prepare for the evening. it is a small hidden shop in Paris - Barbès 18ème but here the hip-hop elite of france meets. besides many shirts, sweaters, caps, backpacks, stickers and magazines there is also a nice selection of music.

it is worth making a stop here, an absolute recommendation of our site !!!

here a few pictures

from the SCRED Boutique we went directly to the event. As an associative art gallery and space for cultural initiatives for 25 years in the Echomusee - Goutte d'Or now organises itself with a team of local people/volunteers... 
during Amadi, mes toiles. exhibition, the location quickly filled up and RONSHA de LA MEUTE started the soundcheck. La Reziztance arrived and they too prepared.

what can I say... it was a small session but it felt not small. the guys of La Reziztance heat up the crowd, after a short time the whole event has shouted the texts. it was immediately clear that this community understands the right thing to celebrate. pictures speak more than words here are a few more impressions.

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