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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Carmine Moth - noumenon

Check out the new Release "noumenon" by Carmine Moth who is part of Cane Corso Recrords (Los Angeles). This collective of different Artists all around the world is known for the dark soundworlds, when they make music togehter. On this Album are guest apperiences by Okami Ghosthack, Vududol Dohjo, RSI G7, Holographic Native & Luca Blood. And it features productions made by Poison Flowerz, the Premonist, Aloeight, il Bruto, The Hypnotist & Sick le Lapin.

Written and performed by: Carmine Moth
Album Art by: Souichi Fujita
Mixed by: The Hypnotist
Cuts by: Dj Clockwork

released April 6,2020

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