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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Turkish Soulcat -LeCorniaud

Check out the instrumental album "LeCorniaud" that was made by the German-based producer Turkish Soulcat. This album is not only a instrumental album but also an audiobook that is filled with voice samples of the movie Le Corniaud (with Louis de Funès). His motivation to make this album was to make more then an average instrumental album. It was released as 2 versions. One version on Bandcamp (without the voice samples) and an exclusive audiobook version on tape with the voice samples. Today you can also listen to the audiobook version on Youtube. Before this project he has made an instrumental album together with Thelonious Coltrane "Max und der Bootlegmillionär" that had voice samples in it from the series "Hart to Hart". After this Turkish Soulcat had the idea to develop this way of making an album further.

How did it happen that you chose the Movie Le Corniaud for the voice samples?

After he chose the beats for the project he was on the lookout for something that is connected with his childhood to represent the era that he grew up in. Turkish Soulcat was born in the 70s, had his  childhood the 80s and was a teenager in the 90s. He grew up with Tapes, Vinyl and VHS. That is also the reason why he decided to release it on Tape (it got released by the german underground lable DATMF). He wanted to choose something funny from his childhood and had movies in mind. Movies with Bud Spencer, Louis Defines or Kemal Sunal (a turkish comedian) for example. He was looking for an old movie poster for the artwork together with his graphic designer tma_one who is a good friend of Turkish Soulcat and is making all of his artworks for many years already. While doing this they came across a poster of the moviel Le Corniaud. Turkish Soulcat watched the movie and directly knew that this is the right one to take the voice samples from. The voice samples directly fitted perfectly to the chosen beats for the project.

Did you first had the beats or the voice samples?

At first he had the beats. He chose them from his vault that is filled with hundreds of beats, that got
created in all the time that he is already making music. He describes his beats as handcrafted.
They are no dispoable goods (like plastic stuff made by the industry) that loose their freshness soon
after they get created.

Who was involved in this Project?

Turkish Soulcat and tma_one. The longlasting collaboration weld them together like siamese twins.
The perfect match!

Are there upcoming projects you can tell us about?

Turkish Soulcat sais that there are different projects in the making but he can´t speak about it.
He will let us know as soon as it gets more concrete with this projects.

How can you get in contact with Turkish Soulcat if you need beats?

If it is possible Turkish Soulcat prefers to get to know the people personally that he gives beats to.
Due to the fact that many blessed artists are living too far away to meet in person you can also contact him here:


released July 1, 2017 (by DATMF)

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