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Friday, August 14, 2020

Malcolm Eppz - RNR Vol. 1 (Full Review)

Cleveland, OH  native & currently based in Ewa Beach, Hawaii.  Rapper Malcolm Eppz  is on a mission to get your attention in the offerings he has woven into his multi-layered verses.
With the release of Malcolm Eppz  sophomore release titled "RNR Vol.1"  We find strong life lessons from youth to adolescence & finally establishing adulthood, sibling-ship & tumultuous relationships with women.
Eppz  goes on to rap about his role models & their guide to walking into the right direction & holds brother Malcolm X  in such light on a verse in the track titled "Panoptican"

"The Glow"  holds a strong example of how Malcolm Eppz  knows how to bounce and flow over a thick thumping soulful beat.
"Late Night Crusin" could possibly be an even better example of this "Bounce" we refer to where Eppz  perfectly paints a verbal picture on a life of crusin around the night streets of Hawaii  under the stars blazing dank flower.

The leading single & visual release to Malcolm Eppz  sophomore release "RNR Vol. 1" is titled "Beijing Rayjene" produced by Kelly Portis.
This track is genuine Verbal Intercourse, the guitar sample used gives out such a suspense to Eppz's  cadence like no other record on "RNR Vol. 1" & reminds us of a flow similar to the great Kool Keith.  You get a strong sense of Eppz's ego & masculinity here.

On the song titled "Good Lord" he sets the Gospel  tone, here you find bars about faith & brothers loosing their way, you feel a very personal touch here from Eppz & the beat makes you experience this with him.
With "Volumes"  this piece drips game and knocks down all fuckboys in Eppz's  way that portray the hype beast lifestyle. This joint is a heavy blow to anyone that wants to step up to Eppz  plate and challenge him.

This is a high quality sophomore release from Malcolm Eppz  and @HHHEADZ  cant wait to hear more from this mc in the future, you can see that he is really finding his groove and personality in music.
With the strengths he already has as an artist it will be dope to see what kind of producers he decides to work with in the future because he clearly has a diverse style that can blend into so many patterns & flows.
The level of production diversity from Sav  & Racks Nicholson  really have down a dope job in helping Malcolm  paint his sophomore picture.
Go show this fine piece of art "RNR Vol.1"  some love & support, its on all major platforms & lets hope we get Vol. 2 sooner then later.

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