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Thursday, August 13, 2020

K-Beta & DJ J Scrilla "Bad Rap"

DJ J Scrilla  links up with mc K-Beta  to lay down the new LP titled "Bad Rap" The brand new album is set for release on September 25th.

"In life there are things that compliment each other, peanut butter  and jellymacroini  and cheeseMurtaugh  and RiggsK-Beta  and DJ J Scrilla.  It makes sense that the two long time Virginia Natives  and friends would pair up together for an album.
Together along with Virginia  record label Man Bites Dog,  the album “Bad Rap”  would present lisenters with thought provoking rhymes matched with neck breaking/ soul stirring production. The sound is organically comfortable with relating its mixed message of postivity and a warning of how past mistakes can influence future outcomes.
Thirteen tracks showcasing both K-beta’s p resence on the mic and Scrilla’s  ease of
making head nodding beats"

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