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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Superbad Solace - Care Less

Superbad Solace  of Timeless Truth  fame released a perfect Queens, New York modern classic titled "Sol Controller 2" dipped in the freshest pieces of Lo & Gortex this new visual shot by A1 Vision  holds more flavors than Baskin-Robbins. This is the type of Hop Hop we @HHHEADZ  holds closest to our hearts, for a lot of us MC's like Solace  & the projects instilled by his solo work & group Timeless Truth  give us the renewed energy to keep scrolling through endless feeds of releases knowing that artists like this are dedicated to keeping true to the formula that gripped us in the beginning.... This work truly is timeless and will never be dated because its on the brink of artistic perfection visually and sonically & isn't trying to be something its not adhering to "whats hot" to popular radio opinion.
Producer Mono En Stereo  is constantly blowing our minds @HHHEADZ  with his instrumental and collaboration projects, brother knows how to hunt out the illest of samples and is more often then not restrained in his efforts to capture that golden sound, allowing the samples to shine a lot more then his peers in the game. His works with Your Old Droog, Homeboy Sandman, De La Soul, Mos Def  & Action Bronson  are just some of the level of work you can expect to hear resonate on "Care Less".
Please be sure to go hit up both catalogs from these two dope brothers and hell yeah you shouldn't sleep on Timeless Truth  either..... "Cold Wave"  is our shit!

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