Tuesday, September 8, 2020

*Album Review* Boxcutta Maxx X Milky Wayne - Scampi King

Boxcutta Maxx
  hailing from San Diego, CA  has linked up with local producer Milky Wayne  to put together a smack talking, braggadocious ignorant rap filled project titled "Scampi King".
Boxcutta Maxx  has been sharpening his sword & cutting his teeth in the SD  battle rap scene for years now & his energy level on this drop shows those elements.
The track "Cypher at the Hotel" sets up the album with a short & hard 1 minute bar for bar king hit to the dome & lets you know that Boxcutta Maxx is not holding back.


Milky Wayne 
sets a smooth vibe on "The Babylon Club" as Boxcutta  pimps out the verses & pops collars with that linguine linguistic.
"Blow" & "Scampi King" see features from MC's Sojourn  & Devlovv  & provide more Boxcutta  flare before we get into cocaine laced "O.T. Genasis (Remix)" featuring the talented Scvtterbrvin, this joint goes hard & Milky Wayne  creates a sinister tone that haunts.

The movie score cuts on this album do Boxcutta Maxx  justice on "Lil Homies" for example with this 1970's Ol' New York  Jazzy vibe as they set it straight to lil mans & gift game.
Milky Wayne  takes us on a Horror/Sci-Fi journey with "Three Point Five" and holds features from DreCat  & Cali the Dreamer  & has all listeners running their chains.

This album is never short on flipping the setting & when you get into the joint "The Skrimp Club" you feel like your inside a strip joint somewhere in dirty Jersey called "Bada Bing" in a smoke filled room with cheap blow & nasty bitches.

For the team@HHHeadz  "Bubba Gump" has to be the stand out joint of the project, Milky Wayne  nails the production here & solidifies the sound they are trying to be heard for on the project "Scampi King".
This track is that truck jewel on the album & will have you smokin your speakers in no time.
Boxcutta Maxx  hits bully mode on this joint & leaves no gunther unturned.

Be sure to go cop this album like we have because there is a bonus track titled "Kick Knowledge" this is undoubtedly worth it for this track alone & finishes the project off strong.
All up this album is extremely solid and every track ties in well to the next. Its hard to picture the shores of classy San Diego when your in "Scampi King" because you swear your in the classic old New York setting we all hold special.
We hope that these two link up again in the future because they work very well with each other as "Scampi King" is solid proof of this.

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