Friday, September 18, 2020



Hip-Hop super-group DA CLOTH aren't just after top position this year, they want the whole ladder with the platform it stand on.
You cant flex on this project one bit, everything that is true and holy to a true Hip-Hopper is masterfully crafted & packaged on "DA FIXTAPE".
DA CLOTH in case your ass has been sleeping under a freight line bridge the past few years are Mooch, Rigz, Rob Gates, M.A.V., Illanoise, Times Change & Symph.
You can easily spend a week checkin game on each of their solo & collab projects and we highly recommend you do so if your gettin schooled right now.
The new product sees production in the care of Nicholas Craven, Speed, Chup, audionarcotics, ETO, Thankfith, RDJR, VDon, Sonny Carson, 322 Major, Spanish Ran, KVMI & Griimz.