Friday, December 11, 2020

Cocareef - G- Smoke


Cocareef shows the double album "G-Smoke". Artists on this project are Cocareef himself, Dnte, 00despo, Whata Mess, Bless Picasso, Ray Swoope, Blood Brothaz, DJ Hoffa, Br00tal Productions, Muggz on Dugz, DJ Chosen 1, Dark Summers, K0zm0s, Tony Hustle, Krazy The Real One , Asp & Nostalgia, Get Large, Dot-Com Intelligence, Passport Rav, Guy Grams, Piff x Penny Wise JR. , 1 Shot Spitune, The Deity, V, Sedizzy, DJ M80, Micah Write, Ason, Jeff Smith, Mickey Luciano, Lunatic, King Cold Pack, Lughz, P-Wise, The Real Skitso, Realio Sparkswell, Potz Lawrence, Qwik Assas and Struggle Mike.



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