Thursday, March 18, 2021

Mike Titan & Zcience Division - 2021: A Time Odyssey

The Zcience Division and Mike Titan did it again! "Applied Precision" is now available on bandcamp. 14 tracks of blazing heat from the UK duo / Bronx native Who always deliver quality music as a team. On this project, you’re going to take a journey with incredible scratching, lyricism, musical compositions and really dope storytelling using audio clips from various sources  that end up giving the entire project a very cohesive feel. The track lineup feels natural. Working your way through it is a joy. One track in particular, (#10) "2021: A Time Odyssey", stands out like a crazy uncle at a barbecue with its insane arpeggiators, dope bassline and “DoctorWho“ Type Sounds and vibe. It’s a dynamic composition with heavy Synthesizer work ingrate Drums. Mike Titan blazes the beat like the captain of a ship. You go right into the very next track (#11) and this also stands out! Mike Titan and IQ go in on Realer Than Rap. Amazing word play and back-and-forth delivery between the two feels like an old school duo Who have been rhyming together their whole life. Maybe they have.  I’m sure Mike Titan and Zcience Division have lots in store for us in the future. More of the same I’m certain !! 



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