Monday, March 15, 2021

DJ Jazzywhut! - The Eaze Up Show - Show 99


DJ Jazzywhut! shows episode 99 of his "The Eaze Up Show".




The Eaze Up Show Intro/DJ Jazzywhut! Theme
I Self Devine Ft. Trisha Moss - Toward Newer Galaxies (2021)
Snotty x Mos Beats - Hell In A Cell (2021)
Maze Overlay - 93 Suns (Prod.Arza)(2021)
Asun Eastwood, M.A.V. & Sibbs Roc Ft. Jay Royale – Tug Of War (2021)
SageInfinite - Survive (Prod. Intifada Beats) (2021
Alex Ludovico & Jason Griff Ft. Primo Dirty - Born Winners (2021)
Bub Styles Ft. Dot Demo - Carhartt Cartel (Prod. Ace Fayce)(2021)
YL Ft. Starker- 3LW (Irie-1 Remix)(2021)
Grim Moses - Dark Age Grim (Prod. Krimewave) (2021)
Milkdrop Ft. Shane Reis - Long Live The Vibe (2021)
Kimchi Sawce, Blass 89, Donnie Durag & Emilio Craig - Cocktail House (2021)
EndorfinBeats & A7MC - In The Mix (2021)
CERTAIN.ONES (Bobby Craves, DZL, and Reign Supreme) - Physically Sound (Prod. DJ Evi Denz)(2021)
King Author & Zagnif Nori - Final Kill (Prod. The Quarter Inch Kings)(2021)
NU-CLEAR - Poetry's Deep/Outtasink (2021)
O The Great - As Above So Below (2021)
Mike Titan X The Odd Pilot X Whichcraft - Beast King Flow-Lion (2021)
Gabe Nandez - Ox (Prod. 101 Beats)(2021)
Ca$ablanca Ft. Meph Luciano & BodyBagBen - Big Fi$h (2021)
Sareem Poems -Slow Down (Newselph Remix)(2021)
Al Skratch - Be Original (Prod. Large Professor)(2021)
The Quarter Inch Kings x Zagnif Nori - Indestructible Iron (2021)
Supreme Cerbral x Reckonize Real Ft. Rasheed Chappell - It Ain't A Game (2021)
DJ Davito Ft. Bad Seed, Leaf Erikson, Guta Mouf (Mr. X), Paula Perry & E.Rex - Child Abuse (2021)
Dango Forlaine x Mute Won - Game Over (2021)
nAvi the NORTH - Cyclone Season (2021)
Mic Swift The Sound Provider Ft.Wordsworth, King Spills, and SkyZoo - Brookyln (Prod. Mic Swift The Sound Provider)(2021)
Lord Willin x Lord Hiram - Tilted Brim (Prod. LOrd Hiram)(2021)
G Fam Black x Onaje Jordan Ft. Pryme Prolifik - Stop and Frisk (2021)
The Primitive One - Socialist Swines (2021) (AUS)
Essential - Changes (Prod. Gutta Mouf) (2021)
Enels Ft. Hanzo Bladez - Sunken (2021)
Kahlee & Innate - Recreational Outrage (2021)
Poetik Force x Funk Logik - Mecca (2021)
Milkdrop Ft. Les Izmore - Goodie Mob (2021)
Bugsy Da God-Juggernaut (Prod. True Master)
The Lupus Dei Experience Ft. Killy Shoot, Deuce Hennessy, GeneralBackPain & Charlie Chan (Prod. Onaje Jordan)(2021)
Indigo Phoenyx X King David Beatz Ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq & M.A.V. - Archery (2021)
Scorcese, Zilla Rocca & Panels - Ode to Raekwon (2021)
Snowgoons & Planet Asia Ft. Jay Royale & DJ Access - Pistol Grip Pump (2021)
L-Biz x Freddie Black x Tone Spiff - Foul Verses (Prod. Castle Money Beats) (2021)
Yungmorpheus & Ewonee - Middle Passage (2021)
Napoleon Da Legend & Akhenaton Ft. Blue Jay - 48 Flaws Of Power (2021)
Terrence Wood - The Process (2021)
Jae Hussle x Str8 Bangaz - Energy & Effort (2021)
The Good People x Milkcrate - The Relay (2021)
Cas Metah Ft. MP Ancient I've Seen Stranger Things (Prod. Theory Hazit)(2021)
OZ -Vodka and Polar (Spiffy Clean Mix) (Prod. United Crates) (2021)
Kool Taj Tha Gr8 Ft. Gee Money Bagz - 2Ls UP (Prod. DJ Kanzer) (2021)
Apokalips The Archangel - Grimy Thoughts (Prod. Martello) (2021)
Grand Killa Con - Disconnect 'Em (2021)
Sleep Sinatra Ft. Sekwence - Prize Fighters (2021)
Bronx Slang- Just Say No (2021) Exclusive Pre-Release
Tek Ft. Boot Camp 4 Life feat. Sean Price, Buckshot & General Steele - Boot Camp 4 Life (2021)
Chino XL x Madlib - God's Interest (So Fresh) (2021)
Bang Belushi - Feeling Like Biggie (Prod. Foul Mouth)(2021)
Nino Green Ft. Let The Dirt Say Amen - Neighborhood Distrubance (2021)
Beenofficial - Drug Trafficking (2021)
Team Dynamite - I Like That (Prod. Haz Beats) (2021)(NZ)
Raiza Biza - Around The Way (Prod.)(2020)(NZ)
3-Card- SGL (2021)
Ed Glorious x Bleach Ft. Jay Cruz & Romay - Life (2021)

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