Thursday, March 11, 2021

Illa Ghee Bullet and a Bracelet

Illa Ghee dropped Bullet and a Bracelet on the Depth Charge Recordings, inc label in 2007. This joint was produced by Team Demolition, who are still working and releasing music as a team. The main sample selection and the way it was used is a timeless sound. The tones of the horns are full of harmonics and texture. Standing out strong was the word play and delivery of illa Ghee. Classic raw flavor with great tempo. The vibe ends up being a laid back vibe while still pushing the track forward with the drums. The groove keeps you in it, all the way through. Team Dem Member say there’s a project in the works with 20 bad dudes, including Illa Ghee. Its impressive that a crew can stay together for decades and continue to make good music with the same artists like illa. Good interpersonal relationships breed good artwork. Today, Illa Ghee is still that dude and Team Demolition continues to make heeet! No doubt there’s more exciting releases coming soon. RESPECT

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