Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Mike Titan X Jason Famous Beats - That Dude Spits

Mike Titan and Jason Famous Beats teamed up for this cold and rugged track called "THAT DUDE SPITS". Pretty easy to see why it’s titled this way. With Jason Famous Beats on the production, you get a smooth and slightly eerie Melody with a rugged dope bassline. Mike Titan comes through like Tony Soprano, clubbing you over the head with fly grammar and crazy punchlines. If you know Mike Titan, you know he needs to eat constantly. Also, Jason Famous Beats went “Stomping Kittens” on the cuts for this! keeping it real subtle but giving you that old-school vibe while tying everything in with the horns! This is the type of music that you can dig a shallow grave to oh and walk away like you just ate a full meal. Peace and Love and RESPECT the grind!



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