Sunday, April 25, 2021

Pretty.Ugly x Dystrakted - The Odd Fellows Part 2 (feat. JD, Mohammad Escrow, Nevamind & Dirtnap)


After the impressive reception of their first single 'The Odd Fellows', Pretty.Ugly and Dystrakted have assembled another posse-cut from their 'lodge' and are back with 'The Odd Fellows Part 2'. The droning bassline circa 90's classic Hip-Hop is complimented with bar after bar of ruckus vocals and finished off with the precise cuts of Dystrakted tying together this audio assault, welcome back to The Odd Fellows.

Verses In Order: Dystrakted, JD, Pretty.Ugly, Mohammad Escrow, Nevamind, Dirtnap.
Beat Production: Pretty.Ugly.
Scratches / Mix / Master: Dystrakted.



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