Monday, June 14, 2021

DJ Jazzywhut! - The Eaze Up Show - Show 105

DJ Jazzywhut! brings his "The Eaze Up Show" in issue 105.




The Eaze Up Show/DJ Jazzywhut! Theme
Chuck Chan Ft. Killyshoot - The Juice
CERTAIN.ONES/Masta Conga - Candado Invertrido
Mall Grits Ft. E.T.E.L. - Combat Zone
Quarter Inch Kings Ft. Haleem - Diamonds
Ransom - Wrath (Prod. Chup The Producer)
Irie-1 Ft. Mo Ruckuz - Vast Hunger
O The Great & Free Mind - Shonuff
YL - Walk It Out (Prod. Zoomo)
Pruven x Sideswipe Ft. Ill Conscious & DJ Toshi - King's Move
Jamar Equality - 9:15
Rob Denir0 Ft. Mark 4ord - Da Money Tree
Mic Swift the Sound Provider feat Edo.G, Guilty Simpson & Ras Kass - Death Of Mumble (Remix)
Uptown XO Ft, yU & Dj Alizay - The Fog
Fly Anakin Ft. Big Kahuna OG & Henny L.O. - @The Genesis
JFliz - The Lesson
The Mighty Capeech - Who Iz You?
Dray Yard Ft. Ant Milli, L-Biz, Thonio, LuGhz & Tony Hustle - Strings Attached
UFO Fev Ft. Red Inf, Vic Spencer, DV Alias Khryst & Nems - Unapologetic
Stephen Route Ft. Bugsy H & 'Vid The Visionary - Bait
Illien Rosewell - Highly Respected (Prod. Eto)
ShrapKnel - Mario Bros
J-Live - Straight Like That
Priest Da Nomad Ft. Sy Smith & Dj RBI - Fine Whiskey
The Tangiers Ft. M-Dot & RJ Payne - Wrath of the Titans (Prod. Masta Conga)
M Doc Diego x Masta Conga Ft. BnA - 585 Vets (Nyce Mix)
Shula Sparks Ft. Thorough - Kingly Character (Prod. Crazy Beats P)
Verbz - Calling Me Back (Prod, Ill Informed)
Joe Publik x Micall Parknsun Ft. Quick Wit - Winter In The South
The Good People Ft. LOTUS & DJ C-Reality - Good Lord
Eleven & DJ Jason D Ft. A.J. Munsun - Still Love
Kahlee Ft. Tone Spliff - Real's Back
K-Prez & Snowgoons Ft. 91 The Saga - Man Up
El Gant Ft. Ras Kass & Planet Asia - Chromed Out
Program Ft. Gaine$ & Doc Obvious - QB Class Of '83
Hi Lo - Walk In The Night
Pete Rock & Amxxr - No Justice, No Peace
Sungods - Gr!ts
Big Homie Poet & Kut Throat Kaution - OG Shit (Prod. A-laced Productionz)
Dysfunkshunal Familee ft. Nejma Nefertit & Napoleon Da Legend - Famous For Nothing (Prod. Crazy Dj Bazzaro)
Carta 'P Ft. Breeze Brewin - 45
Your Old Droog Ft. MF Doom -Dropout Boogie (Prod. Edan)
August Fanon & Defcee - Crime In The City
Southside Jonesy x Chairman Chow - Fly Speed Season
New Villan - Galactus (Prod.Kng Bondalero)
DJ JS/1 Ft. Mr Cheeks, Rahzel & Craig G - Open Up The Door
Dragon Fli Empire Ft. Gassam - Inspiration
Children Of Zeus - I Need You
Raheem DeVaughn Ft. Skyzoo - If You're The One
Brainorchestra - Let's Take A Walk

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