Monday, June 14, 2021

Hhheadz.com Weekly Dosage #8

Hhheadz.com Weekly Dosage #8 Go to hhheadz.com for the The WEEKLY DOSAGE, in Collaboration with Mike Titan @thatdudespits and The Odd Pilot @eyewillcreate - This list is a weekly recap of the best Daily Dosage submissions from the week. Hhheadz.com has always been committed to bridging the gap between the HEAT MAKERS and the FANS who want it! Hhheadz.com is an international site based out of Germany, with fans frequenting the site from all over the world. Hhheadz has always highlighted the best content the underground hip-hop community has to offer and with this new list, we hope to shine a more focused spotlight on some of our favorite productions from the week. Our vision for this will be changing to a show format as we go, but the objective will remain the same. Giving you the best of the best each week. Thank you for your support! Please visit the site, share, like, donate or just say thanks! Peace and Love- WEEKLY D CREW


Sunday: Black Spanish - Mic Mountain 

Monday: Prezidential Goons - @kpreztho @realsnowgoons 

Tuesday: Outlaw Magicians @deuceellis homeboysandman 

Wednesday- Ramen Noodle Nights by Ty Farris @tyfarris 

Thursday- King Author and Zagnif Nori "Molotov Message" @kingauthor83 @zagnifnori 

Friday - Max Julian ft. Red Inf - "From the Dirt" @maxmillions84 

Saturday - Good with That - @pawz1


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