Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Mike Titan X Killer Crab Men - From Apokolips to New Genesis

New project from Mike Titan and The Killer Crab Men entitled "From Apokolips to New Genesis "

Mike Titan is a Hip Hop artist born, raised, and based in The Bronx, NYC, the birthplace of the genre. With skillfully crafted wordplay, thought provoking content, and a smooth genuine flow, Mike Titan is amongst the best of what Hip Hop has to offer.

Killer Crab Men (KCM) are a production duo hailing from North-West England.
Although they now live on seperate shores (USA & UK) their vision for creating
hard hitting sounds is still shared

They have come together for this international collaboaration putting together Mike Titan's smooth rap style with the hard hitting sound of the Killer Crab Men. From Apokolips to New Genesis takes you on a journey through hyperspace with a full flavoured Boom Bap record with an Extra Terrestrial Flava.

Available to Stream Here


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