Thursday, July 29, 2021

Diamond Lung - Jeweler's Loop

The San Francisco-based duo Diamond Lung has returned with their sophomore album Jeweler’s Loop, picking up right where their much heralded-debut (2017’s When Did Everybody Learn To Fly?) left off.  Combining forces with Filthy Broke and Los Angeles’ trailblazing Alpha Pup Records & Distribution, Lightbulb the hopeless romantic and Brycon the purveyor of Very Trippy Sounds (c. 1978) have re-entered the musical cage of death determined to take a few bodies along with them for the ride.

So what does that mean, in terms of this new record?  The sound is raw, psychedelic, moody, and hypnotic.  Lightbulb has only gotten better - and holds his down among a cadre of incredible and Frisco-focused list of guest vocalists - Professa Gabel, Dave Canal, Telli Prego, Jamie Zee, Dregs One and Monk HTSBrycon’s production maintains its supreme simplicity and guest producers Baghead & Yelir help to keep it just bugged out enough to keep your ears on alert.  When its all said and done Diamond Lung has taken a big step with Jeweler’s Loop, moving forward, upward, outward and any direction they damn well please.



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