Saturday, November 6, 2021

effyoo - Smorgasbord


Eff Yoo and his Broken Home family radiate that quintessential Rotten Apple rawness. It's that combo of being brash and unadulterated tempered by respect for the diverse cultural identity of the City That Never Sleeps.

On the third single "Smorgasbord" off his upcoming album "Money House Blessing," Eff kicks bars that highlight how much of a multicultural melting pot NYC neighborhoods least those that haven't been gentrified.

The hook says it all, "Half chicken, half lamb, extra BBQ / no Haram." The words allude to the Halal carts and bodegas that can be found all over New York. He also references a plethora of other Middle Eastern culinary delights such as fried okra, naan and Basmati rice, fresh fruit and hummus, and more.


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