Friday, November 12, 2021

Kain - "Feel This Way"


Kain, pure and uncut, yet polished and refined. A product of Detroit's Westside, before creeping into “The Swamp” Sumpter, Michigan. Kain started rapping early in High School, Influenced by the likes of Big L, Method Man, and Jay Z.  He spent his time honing his skills by painting the story of his vivid reality. That reality ended up getting him locked up for 8 years, where he obsessed on perfecting his craft. Teaming up with Detroit Producer Foul Mouth, has added fuel to his fire, and the two have created a piece of work that will not soon be forgotten. Here is the first Visual "Feel This Way" produced by Foul Mouth, shot and edited by. Augustine Cruz. "Sumpter" Album Will Be Dropping Top Of Next Year On Middle Finger Music!


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