Friday, December 24, 2021

MC Rene - Anomalie (Die Dokumentation)


Even though hip hop is primarily about feelings, here are a few incontrovertible facts: MC Rene has been active as a rapper for more than 30 years, he is a pioneer of hip hop history in Germany and Europe, and he is at the zenith of his creative work more than 30 years after starting a unique career in rap.
First rap super talent in his teens, then TV presenter with massive fame, later fallen star, inner turmoil, metaphysical homelessness, a subsequent departure into unknown worlds and finally the triumphant return to rap in a fundamentally changed scene: The history of rap in Germany can be read from Rene's path. This story originated in Braunschweig.
In the extraordinary documentary "Anomalie", Rene not only takes us back to the origins of his work, but also allows us a look through the keyhole into the life of Rene El Khazraje:
A childhood between a women's shelter and a high-rise housing estate, the turmoil as the son of a Moroccan and a German, the reality on the streets of a Federal Republic social hotspot, but also the refuge that Rene has found in hip-hop culture. The friendships, the experience of self-efficacy and the beginnings of hip hop in the youth centers of the republic.
In black and white images with organically incorporated media contributions and eyewitness accounts and the beats of Rene ́s congenial partner and beatmaker Figub Brazlevi─Ź, "Anomalie" retells one of the most formative stories in German rap, following the old theater principle: nothing is claimed here, everything seems close and comprehensible. Old companions, new friends and Rene ́s family bring the old times to life, offer depth and unique selling points and trace Renes path to his own cutting the cord from his hometown and his way into the big, wide and glittering world of rap.
And so the common thread of Rene's career becomes clear again and again. Someone dares to jump into the cold water again and again, doesn't sink into it and still decides to leave the cold pool of usability logic and market mechanisms again and again and return to the great love of his life: Hip Hop in all its facets and possibilities, without shortcuts, concessions or compromises. Here's to another 30 years with MC Rene!


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