Tuesday, January 18, 2022



Now allow us to flex on all of you in the Northern States for a minute.
While yall are freezing your nuts off, we might be wearing a sweater today, but by next week we'll be back on the beach. Winter's dont last long in the M.I.A.
 You know what does last long out here though? The Parties, full of beautiful women, and the hunger of our Top Shooters. Miami's D.U. IVAN is one of said shooters who has been putting in work for over 10 Years in South Florida's Live Music Scene, toured the country with MAYDAY of STRANGE MUSIC, and is now ready to become an Indie Hip Hop Household name. But first he wants to make it clear where he is from.
Joined by one of the deadliest bilingual spitters in the game, SALAZAR EL TABAQUERO, D.U. IVAN makes sure you know, He's from MIAMI BIH!!!. Produced by master musician CHRIS DEAN, MIAMI BIH is just what Willy Falcon's doctor ordered to get the party lit.
Play this #SoFlow Anthem this week to warm up a little with your Chilly Willy the Pinguin Asses.


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