Monday, January 10, 2022

Killa Cal x Goodz - How Real Iz Dat


Imagine two artists from two totally different backgrounds and two totally different cities, finally crossing paths, with one interesting thing in common. Their nicknames! Strictly by coincidence, these artists share the nickname “Da Animal”. Killa Cal and Goodz are two very well- known artists that most think would never cross paths musically. Goodz, an entrepreneur, independent artist and battle rapper from the Bronx, New York, while Killa Cal, an independent artist from Washington, DC and featured rapper for the legendary Go-Go Band Rare Essence, finally made a connection earlier this year for a dope collaboration on a new single called “How Real Iz Dat”. The two effortlessly trade bars on a very well-produced track cooked up by D’Artizt, that really highlighted both of their lyrical ability and flow. They sound like they have been rapping together for years. Their styles complement each other along with the fact that both live up to their nicknames on this track, makes me wonder if we will see more from “Da Animal’s” in the future. The song starts with Killa Cal delivering the hook that sets the tone for the whole song and it never loses energy from there. This NY / DC combo could be a problem if they really want to pursue the idea of a joint project in the future. Stay tuned! Of course, this single will be available on all DSP’s along with a visual premiering on Killa Cal’s VEVO page on YouTube. 


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