Monday, January 31, 2022

Rise Rashid Delivers "Cause and Effect" Visuals From His Album 'Coach Rise'


It's all about "Cause and Effect" for Rise Rashid...The single/video produced by Starr Nyce is taken from Rashid's new album titled 'Coach Rise.' 

Displaying lyrical mastery, Rashid gives listeners something to think and raise eyebrows about in a world operated by cause and effect. Are you living for everyone else or living for you and yours? Are you riding for the streets or riding through legit? If you're locked up you can still free your mind, if you failed tests you can still retrieve the lessons. These are just a few gems delivered by Rashid. 

Cause and effect have made Rashid the man and artist he is today. He is one of the hottest in the scene, dotting all his i's and crossing all his t's without signing. His flow resonates over a striking arrangement of basslines and drums which underline his wordplay and witty punchlines. Watch "Cause and Effect" and connect with Rise Rashid below. 

Connect with Rise Rashid

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Listen, Love & Share!! – Rise Rashid

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