Friday, February 11, 2022

Backburner - Continuum


About Continuum
Canada’s best underground rap crew is back (burner) with the third in their squad-based series begun by their critically-acclaimed Heatwave in 2011 and then Eclipse in 2015. Their hotly anticipated new album is Continuum, another collection of prodigious posse cuts—primarily punchlines, braggadocio battle raps and witty wordplay, often based by Backburner around a concept or theme. On “Spice Rack” they provide a taste of international flavour, they burn it down again with“More Fire”, get nostalgic with an ode to cassettes on “Press Eject”, and continue their booze binge on “Juiced Crew”. Expect plenty of pop, nerd and Canadian references. The production is head-nodding boom bap with unique sample selections and cool quotes. Adding to the throwback pleasures are precise scratches of appropriately selected vocals from classic songs most hip hop heads would recognize. Join Backburner on the next step in their Continuum.

About Backburner
Formed by frequent collaborators Fresh Kils, Uncle Fester, Dexter Doolittle and Process in Halifax, NS at the turn of the millennium, over the years Backburner has grown to include 20+ MCs, DJs and producers across Canada, and even one in Japan. They’re a who’s who of the most prolific independent hip hop artists in the country. Named for their habit to start new projects before finishing the current ones, with projects often left to simmer on the back burner, they have managed to compile a large catalogue of releases as both solo artists and in small groups that often overlap. And when they can, the whole collective come together like a giant-size Voltron to create albums as Backburner, resulting in a mixtape, a compilation, and now three crew albums.

Backburner is: Ambition * Beatmason * Chokeules * Dexter Doolittle * Frank Deluxe * Fresh Kils * Ghettosocks * Ginzuintriplicate * Jay Bizzy * Jesse Dangerously * Johnny Hardcore * Manalive * More Or Les * Mister E * Peter Project * Psybo * Savilion * Thesis Sahib * Timbuktu * Uncle Fester * Wordburglar

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