Sunday, February 6, 2022

Bodega Bamz and V Don Traffic - "The Lost Package"


This is something special. Spanish Harlem spitter Bodega Bamz and beat chemist V Don had a bunch of tracks from the "Sidewalk Exec" era that got put in the vault...until now. Some cuts were unfinished and were recently completed, some have been updated, some have been left exactly how they were. Every song here crackles with the energy that is generated when these two connect. Features include Willie The Kid, Smoke DZA, and Emilio Rojas.

Bamz explains, "V and I been talking about doing something together again for a minute. When we did 'Sidewalk Exec' we recorded so much music we couldn’t use it all for one project. We thought it would be dope to use the records we cut then as the foundation for another project together. 'Lost Package,' brings me and V’s music full circle, seamlessly connecting our past and present styles."


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