Saturday, February 5, 2022

Mindz Malverde - Mannequins


On ‘Mannequins’ Mindz Malverde demonstrates an adept flow and cadence, over piano-loop chops from Graphwize forming a pleasant minimalist soundscape.

The retrospective current bursts of story telling on both verses paint vivd pictures for the listener, and at times his statements touch on deeper current issues and views. A champion of Nottingham culture, Mindz directed the video on location at Wollaton Hall, and his eye for unique creativity shines through.



Seasoned UK emcee and creative titan Mindz Malverde drops debut album ‘For Green & Country’

Raised amongst the wolves, elite lyricists and battle tested warriors of Nottingham city’s post 2000 era, seasoned emcee and creative titan Mindz Malverde drops his debut album on all streaming platforms ‘For Green & Country’.

Since arriving on the budding East Midlands Hip-Hop landscape in 2010, Mindz has consistently delivered an out-the-trunk style product to the Midlands’ underground scene, whilst still remaining somewhat of an enigma to the public eye.

His early work with collaborators including now disbanded ‘Out Da Ville’ members and producer Endemic Emerald, (Sean Price, ILL BILL, Planet Asia) are never to be heard by the masses again, adding a further mystique to Mindz’ story...

On FGAC, we are offered a window seat ride “through a land of bandits and designer drugs...” as Mindz vividly narrates his account of present day Nottingham’s highs and lows, with additional features from popular UK sharpshooter Micky Grim, who’s accolades include two appearances on Charlie Sloth’s legendary Fire in the Booth.

The cinematic, soulful and sometimes dark production is handled almost exclusively by Graphwize, a heralded beat-smith (Freddie Gibbs, Conway, Kool G Rap), hailing from Ontario, Canada. Soundscapes from Maryland’s DJ MASTAMIND also chime in sparingly on the project’s interludes, giving the listener dashes of character, and even humour at times.

‘For Green & Country’ serves as an introduction to Mindz Malverde in this new era of digital streaming, and a re-introduction to street savvy, East-coast influenced British rap with an ear for lyricism - a sound we have not heard for sometime from these shores proving that the current ‘Renaissance’ of golden age style Hip-Hop we are witnessing is not exclusive to the USA, and that the era’s influence clearly struck a chord in hearts worldwide.

An 11-track effort, FGAC is the current standard for Midlands Hip-Hop kicking off 2022. The bar has been set high and Mindz intends to keep it that way.

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