Sunday, February 13, 2022



Here is the latest drop from Miami's MOSKVITCH 3/3 camp. K LO K is a laid back Island Vibe with a steady stream of braggadocio bars from SHOTTIE, who has every right to be feeling himself since the "Tigeraso" leveled up from the "Chevrolet" life, to now having Don Juan Pan aka CRIMEAPPLE accompany him on this TEV95 sizzler. You could just feel the Hater's getting spicey, ("Eso es Buffalo"). Sure to be a Dominican, if not Latin American Hip Hop Anthem, let K LO K bump loud out your window and if the neighbors look at you weird, just ask them "K LO K?" That's what SHOTTIE would do.

From the MOSKVITCH 3/3 album by SHOTTIE and TeV95.


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