Sunday, March 13, 2022

Grind Mode Cypher - BARS in the BRONX Volume 24


The Grind Mode Cypher BARS in the BRONX series continues with Volume 24 featuring a combination of affiliates old and new. The beat, which is produced by Lingo, consists of dark pulsing 808s over an eerie sample with crisp snare and hi-hat patterns. Lingo sets things off on the mic with a barrage of multi-syllabic bars and a smooth flow. His clever and conscious wordplay are highlighted by his veteran delivery and swagger. Mr. King follows by making his presence known through an aggressive and passionate delivery. His signature style which blends complex rhyme schemes with bars about his real life helps keep listeners captivated and on their toes. Next up is Kid Arsenic, who matches the energy of the beat, carefully placing punchlines over hits from the snare. He finishes strong with an homage to Nems that helps set up the transition nicely for the next emcee, Frankie V. Frankie continues the cypher with a flow that continues to build up through slick punches and well placed breaks that help to accentuate his lyrics. He continues to build his flow up and flashes his skills as a chopper before slowing it down again and finishing with a salute to Grind Mode. This bleeds right into the anchor of the cypher, Ayok, who delivers a master class in boom bap by combining intricate wordplay with his one of a kind delivery. Following the trajectory of the Grind Mode movement, he raps about the continued push to be the best and caps the cypher off with a verse that encapsulates the entire movement.


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