Friday, March 11, 2022

Krekpek - Dichter Nebel (feat. Classic Der Dicke, Nali, MC Rene, DJ Cutrock)


Dichter Nebel. It is clearing. A new wind is rising from the realms of the pulsating hip hop underground and it finally brings to light what hip hop is all about.
Intergenerational collapse on the Each on Teach one level.
Nali the most mature of his generation, Classic der Dicke the funky dude from Lake Constance here in playful double function as Beatmeter and Emcee and MC Rene the reborn with the most honest comeback in this German Hip Hop history meet on the Krekpek summits on the tip of the iceberg and bring beyond the Depri-Rapschiene as a matter of course a train rolling, which finally bring positivity back into a cerebral and calculating game, as if it were nothing.

But this is just the gateway to the upcoming sampler from Krekpek Records.


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