Sunday, March 6, 2022

(REVIEW) Cuban Pete X Loka- Best Bar Nun


UK based Hip Hop artist Cuban Pete is a true recording artist that has collaborated with such industry veterans as Erick Sermon, Krumbsnatcha, Blaq Poet, Tragedy Khadafi, and more. 

Jake Phillips also known as Loka (pronounced locker) is an Artist/Producer Based in Leicester, UK. From the early ages of 5/6yrs old Loka displayed his talent in many different aspects such as playing instruments & performing. Loka has been inspired by the likes of Plan B & Maverick Sabre however his sound and art is completely unique. This upcoming artist has thus far accomplished some remarkable things such as, performing at 02 Islington (LDN) & touring with his debut album '01.02.98' across the UK & in some countries within Europe. 

This year they decided to team up for the EP "Best Bar Nun" incredibly short at only 4 tracks, they tried to pack as much potency as they would is a small package . here's a track by track breakdown 

1-Sincerely - Cuban Pete x Loka ft Tone Spliff

The intro track has Pete letting the fans know that he will not compromise his beliefs or his style to please the masses that he ill stay true to his hip-hop roots and spit the real. and all this is being done on a lush Loka beat with a scratch hook done by Tone Splif. fitting intro 

2-Pon The Battlefield - Cuban Pete x Loka ft Hanzo Bladez and Koki-Man

This brings back those mid to lake 90s hip-hop/dancehall mashup vibes (think KRS/Mad Lion or Queen Latif/Shabba Or Patra/Yo-Yo) NOT that this is a bad thing. if your old enough to remember these kind of songs, you'll like this. just a simple raga inspired beat with Pete, Hanzo Bladed (repping Grimewav) and Koki-Man(The Rude Bwoi) just talking their shit on here

3-Walk With Me - Cuban Pete x Loka 

This is the Eps "Deep" track where the emcees reflect on life and deep topics. there's nothing really groundbreaking here, but the you will really enjoy the lokas flow. the beat is one of those "beats to reflect to" that you would typically find on a track like this. the placement of this track is perfect though it calms the energy down from the first 2 tracks. 

4-Spit Game - Cuban Pete x Loka

The grand finale this is Pete at his shit talking best. just explaining what the "Cuban Pete" name is all about. rapping and punchlines, hip-hop for the sake of hip-hop "I might be white/ but when i blackout, rhymes are Moorish/sticking emcees like a swordfish/not George but I'm gorgeous/ego enormous"

and the bells and strings driven beat goes perfectly with the subject.

Overall this is a solid project normally i would be upset that the project is so short but at 4 track i would say this is a perfect size and they could add more single tracks if they decide to do so later. if you're expecting some innovative Kanye type shit, this is not for you, this is boom bap in its purest form, beats and rhymes. if that's hat you want, then this is what you should put in your library. 

This drops on March 25th

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