Saturday, March 19, 2022

The Filth x Dirty Doe - "Da Mad Trapper & Rusto Rebel - Sound Track - Vol #1


The Filth aka "Rusto Rebel" and Dirty Doe aka "Da Mad Trapper" are on a bombing run hitting up every bare wall with their Tag or Bubble Piece, and hitting up every Indie Hip Hop platform with their 1st single off their "Da Mad Trapper & Rusto Rebel - Sound Track - Vol #1", the Ep to accompany Vol 1 of their official "Da Mad Trapper & Rusto Rebel" Comic Book which already sold out of its first print run, published by @crazyvisonscomics. If you're a fan of Grimey Underground Hip Hop that would rather cut its own neck than sell out,& a fan of Comic Books and Graffiti (Not safe Legal Mural Graff, but Public Property Destruction, running from cops Graff), this is for you.


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