Monday, April 25, 2022

Mickey O'Brien - Grace (official video)

“Grace”, the fourth and final single from Mickey O’Brien’s upcoming Shift Change album, is a melodic masterpiece with a genre-bending sound that pushes musical boundaries, as any good hip-hop song should. O’Brien belts out a common sense manifesto that breaks down the state of the world and his journey documenting it musically. ”Making art and being in the studio is our safe place from the chaos of the outside world,” according to O’Brien, “and it’s how we deal with all our problems, our saving grace.” The music is constructed by Juno-nominated producer and star MPC button-masher Fresh Kils, but also features further live instrumentation from many of O’Brien’s usual collaborators: Sarah Craig (keyboards, and additional vocals in the background and on the chorus), Zachary Clement (keyboards), Dany Laj (guitar and percussion) and Tommy Fyfe (harmonica). An epic slow jam that fits the format of Top 40 radio as much as a college radio hip hop show, “Grace” is a timely track that ultimately manifests the positive message we all need right now.

The video for “Grace” continues that positive vibe and musical documentation as it depicts a carefree day in the studio with O'Brien and some of his musical family cooking up the sounds at Fresh Kils’ studio, the Kiln, in downtown Toronto. Shot by Dan Jardine of Boom Shoal Enterprises, and fashioned to resemble a 1970s music documentary, it captures the creative process and true friendship of the artists, mirroring the message of the music.


Written and performed by Mickey O’Brien

Additional vocals by Sarah Craig

Produced by Fresh Kils

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