Monday, May 2, 2022

DJ RONSHA & G-ZON - Ronsha Mix #266 (New Hip-Hop Boom Bap Only)

DJ RONSHA & G-ZON - Ronsha Mix #BoomBapShow #266 [New Season]#BrandNew RONSHA MIX N°266 [New Season] #BoomBapShow supported by Matlock / McGyver / Symph (Da Cloth) / Illa Styles / NapsNdreds / MC Wicks / EP (The Doppelgangaz) / Copywrite / MC WhiteOwl / Subtex / Wish Master / Johnny Ciggs / Ant The Symbol / A-F-R-O aka All Flows Reach Out / Marz One / Tone Spliff / Raf Almighty / Nowaah The Flood / Mic Logik / P.Sways / Whichcraft / 8ch2Owens / DJ GlibStylez / Spoda / Mike Titan / A7MC / Es, and more...

1- DJ Ronsha "Ronsha Mix Boom Bap Show Intro"
2- Illa Styles x Kleph Dollaz "Air Max Day"
3- Mic Logik x Torrice Albarakat "Out Of Order"
4- Rockness Monsta x Big Ape "COTMH"
5- Grand Official "Respect" (feat. KRS-One)
6- Rhook Beats "Dopamine" (feat. Es, Len-Dor, Mic Wise & MC ways)
7- ThisIsHipHopp & Donnie Darko "Life Talk"
8- NapsNdreds x Dub Z "A Pimp's Head" (feat. Hus Kingpin & Tone Spliff)
9- The Doppelgangaz "Concord Grapes"
10- Matlock "No Regerts" (feat. PozLyrix & DreamTek) [Cuts by Improv the Supervillain]
11- Chase Fetti x Osbe Chill "Own The Block"
12- MC WhiteOwl x Bombeardo "Dedication Jam" (feat. DJ JS-1)
13- Unison x Mono:Massive "Vinyl Love"
14- Johnny Ciggs x Ant The Symbol "Fear Me" (feat. DJ Skruff)
15- Canibus x Pete Rock "Princibly This"
16- Tek, Raekwon, Nowaah The Flood & Yashmall Allah "Seppuku (BHS Remix)"
17- Gawds (Regulus, Pinpoint & DJ Rocky Styles) "Jaffe Joffer Jr." (feat. Copywrite)
18- Whichcraft "Monster Mash" (feat. 8ch2Owens & Tali Rodriguez) [Cuts by DJ GlibStylez]
19- A-F-R-O x Tone Spliff "Speed Of Light" [Cuts by Tone Spliff]
20- MC Wicks x John Lemon "My Script"
21- Big Almighty (Raf Almighty & BigBob) "52 Generations"
22- Young Lordz (Knowledge Medina & J Dot) x Rei Elem "In The Trenches"
23- McGyver x Pete Rock "'89"
24- Mike Titan, A7MC, J.Vengeance, OutcastGawd Lord El & Zcience Division "The Combination" [Cuts by Zcience Division]
25- Marz One x Tone Spliff "Puzzle" [Cuts by Tone Spliff]
26- Symph (Da Cloth) x Midnite "Morticians"
27- Demmene Syronn x Spliftout "The Outlook" [Cuts by Tone Spliff]
28- Copywrite x Swab "White Sean Price"
29- Subtex x Rico James "Fresh(er)" (feat. Wish Master)
30- P.Sways "Asylum"
31- 7xvethegenius x JR Swiftz "Forecast" (feat. Shots & Flee Lord)
32- Mike Titan, Aïda, A7MC & Hilltop Productions "Sane And Set Free"
33- Mooch (Da Cloth) x Farma Beats "Hit The Deck"
34- H Dot Lectur x Stan Da Man "This Is What You Asked For"
35- Spoda x Free Mind "Never Phase Me"

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