Saturday, June 4, 2022

Sav Killz, Fro Magnum Man - Rule Of Threes Volume Three: Sav Killz In​.​.​. Monstrous


The "Rule of Threes" can be found in everything from writing, to mathematics, and even hematology. The mysterious, mystical nature of the number 3 occurs again, and again, throughout every aspect of human existence. 

Fro Magnum Man’s "Rule of Threes" is a series of 3 song EPs that will pay tribute to the genre of Hip-Hop in a similar fashion that Creepshow pays homage to the genre of Horror. Each album will be produced by Fro Magnum Man and feature a different emcee to tell the tales. All artwork for Rule Of Threes will be in the style of a Creepshow comic book, and will ultimately be released as a book after Volume 10 

Volume 3 welcomes underground veteran, and Brooklyn, NY emcee extraordinaire Sav Killz ( The versatility of Sav is felt strongly through these 3 tracks. Come along on this journey, and experience the rule of threes through the eyes of Sav Killz in volume 3. "Monstrous" 

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