Monday, November 28, 2022

Esteemed Detroit Hip Hop Artist Dee Havior Declares To Be "Free" (Official Video)


Dee Havior delivers a personal and revolutionary lyrical performance in the official video for "Free." His genius blend of rhymes and intricate wordplay flow over a backdrop driven by soulful melodies and drums. 

The record comes at a pivotal time not only in Hip Hop but the world as a whole. While he's overlooking his city, Dee Havior paints a vivid canvas of what freedom looks like through his eyes and mind. He doesn't want to be called a thug or stereotyped as a drug dealer. Rather, he wants the opportunity for elevation as well as the opportunity to unite communities. The commanding hook echoes and highlights Dee Havior's strong deliverance. Watch "Free" and connect with the Detroit, Michigan artist below. 


Instagram: @deehavior

Twitter: @deehavior & @zonedgod 

TikTok: @deehavior1

Fb musician page:

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