Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Chadio - Sweater Song (DJ Pack)


Chadio sums up love quite perfectly with the opening line of the second single from his upcoming album: “You know it’s love when you’re not mad because she steals your sweater”. And this item of clothing becomes the metaphor for love as his relationship goes from good to bad, and he finally asks for the return of his sweater. It’s a novel approach to a love/break up song, and it’s given more heft thanks to the folk-pop singing of rapper-singer Nolto on the moody hook. “Sweater Song” is the obvious pick for a single as the catchiest and most relatable song on the 8-song collection of break-up songs that is Cousin of Lucy.

Written and performed by Chadio

Additional vocals by Nolto

Produced by Pasquale and Aalo Guha

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