Sunday, May 14, 2023

Influence Getem is welcomed by 2 of Forbes list most prestigious suggestions for artists

 Influence Getem's *I'm A Problem Brand" makes its way on to 2 of the best merchandising moguls in the world 🌎 of the web we all grew to know, and utilize so well.

*I'm A Problem Brand Clothing* and excessories can now be found online at both I'M A PROBLEM BRAND CLOTHING BY INFLUENCE GETEM ON REDBUBBLE & also the amazing 👏🏿  site of ( You can reach my store with this link 👉🏿 Influence Getem store at Fineartamerica.

I'm A Problem Brand Clothing and excessories
Feel free to visit either store for Tom's of phenomenal products ✨️. You can also reach out for customized work, as well. 

Thank you to all who's been supportive on all ventures throughout the years. Grab yourself something from my collection today. I came a long way.

New updated version of my Voice directions for Waze GPS Navigation App - free for all - Influence Getem (Ride with me): Click here to download my voice for Waze GPS free

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