Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Ol' Gorilla Bones x The Dirty Sample - "Gerry Cheevers"



The first single from Revenge Vol. 2, the upcoming follow-up to the debut album from rapper Ol’ Gorilla Bones and his long-time production alter ego The Dirty Sample, heralds himself as the rap Gerry Cheevers, the two-time Stanley Cup winner with the Boston Bruins and famous for being the first goalie to decorate his hockey mask, in his case with one scar for every time the mask saved him from a real scar. A goalie himself and scarred while playing hockey, a young OGB was fascinated with Cheevers and his mask, ending this song rapping, “I got them macabre scary features, my face scarred up from head shots, Gerry Cheevers.” The Dirty Sample provides an apt beat as the Boston Gardens arena horn opens a mix that includes slappy rap drums, a catchy but glitchy horn riff, a warped air raid siren, and a filtered down bass loop layered underneath. Another fine play by Ol’ Gorilla Bones x The Dirty Sample. 

Written and performed by Ol’ Gorilla Bones 
Produced by The Dirty Sample

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