Friday, September 8, 2023

Coming Soon | Interstellar | Influence Getem | Navi the North | Die Empty Production


This powerful addition to the culture of Hip hop music will be greatly appreciated, as it is well needed in these treacherous times. The work that went in to this record, in addition to it's back-story is sure to be a good listen at a later date, after it's release has taken place. So we'll just have to wait a bit. 
This phenomenal trio of creatives are subtly shaking up the underworld in their own zones and lanes, from different necks of the woods. Each of these artists/producers diligently iron out project after project consecutively. All while crafting to perfection in record breaking times. The accolades behind these 3 men alone, further proves to us why this track sounds so utterly insane. Judging from the carefully inserted cuts with precision by Die Empty, along with the state of the art mixing and mastering by Navi The North, to the raw and dominant delivery and display of wordplay ability by "Influence Getem" (IG730GOTBARS). Hip hop heads have something to be excited about. Be on the look out for the release date, which is soon to be announced.
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